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Common Heating & Air Conditioning Questions Answered

  • Q:Do you charge a diagnostic fee?

    A:We charge a $69 diagnostic fee. This fee covers many quick fixes that do not require additional parts, refrigerant, etc. If your technician needs to order a part or conduct a more major repair, he/she will provide you with a detailed estimate for you to review and approve before work begins.

  • Q:How can I protect my heating & cooling investment?

    A:The best way to ensure the long-term performance of your HVAC system is to schedule regular inspections. 24 Hour Air conditioning & Heating offers annual inspections of your air conditioning and heating systems. Preferred Customer members also enjoy 10 percent savings on future parts and repairs, and are moved to the front of the queue when scheduling repairs and service.

  • Q:How often should I have my heating & cooling systems serviced?

    A:We recommend servicing your HVAC equipment twice per year to ensure that systems are performing safely and efficiently. Neglected systems require more repairs, and airflow may be restricted due to dirt and debris buildup. Proper HVAC maintenance improves the lifespan and energy efficiency of your equipment.

  • Q:What does my HVAC maintenance visit include?

    A:During your heating and cooling inspection, our technician perform the following comprehensive services: 

    Check thermostat operation  
    Clear condensation drains  
    Examine electrical components  
    Change or clean filters  
    Check motors & compressor amperage  
    Lubricate moving parts  
    Ensure overall system operation  
    Check for proper refrigerant charge

  • Q:How often should I change my furnace filter?

    A:Regular filter replacement ensures that your system operates at peak efficiency, allowing residents to enjoy clean, circulating air that is free of dust, dirt, and allergens. If your filter is not disposable, it should be carefully cleaned every one to two months. Cheap disposable filters should be changed every one to two months, and premium filters should be changed every two to four months. As a helpful reminder, mark all required filter changes on your calendar.

  • Q:What do-it-yourself steps can I take to maintain my HVAC unit?

    A:Besides scheduling routine, semi-annual service and changing your filter regularly, there are many things you can do to improve system efficiency and reduce the risk of costly repairs: Use blackout blinds and curtains to prevent your home from heating up during daylight hours – especially if you’re at work during the day.  

    Seal all windows and cracks to prevent cool and warm air loss.  
    Trim back plants and shrubs growing around your exterior AC unit. Adequate clearance improves airflow and prevents grass clippings and other debris from clogging the unit.  
    If your HVAC system is over 10 years old, it is time to consider replacement.  
    New, high-efficiency systems deliver significant monthly savings, and your comfort and utility budget could benefit from new, energy-efficient equipment.

  • Q:Why should I purchase a new furnace or air conditioning system?

    A:Many home and business owners don’t realize that their old AC or heating system is up to 60 percent less efficient than today’s HVAC equipment. In addition, wear and tear or neglected maintenance can also contribute to reduced efficiency. Our technician may recommend replacement of your HVAC system if: 

    You are facing a big repair that may not be worth the cost.  
    Your utility bills are continually increasing while your system is becoming less efficient.  
    You are building on to your home or facility, and require a larger AC unit.  
    When you replace your system with 24 Hour air Conditioning you’ll enjoy premium, year-round temperature control while saving monthly on utilities. This attractive return on investment may have you wondering why you didn’t replace your system sooner!

  • Q:Safety & Energy Tips from 24 Hour Air Conditioning & Heating

    A:Working to protect the environment and safeguard your budget, The 24 Hour team offers products and services that will save energy—and lower utility bills. For home and property owners who wish to be frugal and eco-friendly, we recommend the following conservation tips: 

    Make sure your attic is adequately insulated.  
    Close fireplace dampers when you’re not enjoying a fire.  
    Change furnace filters at least four times per year.  
    Adjust your thermostat a few degrees.  
    Consider replacing aging or damaged windows.

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